Our FP&A Focus

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is a set of activities that support financial management and improve decision-making. These activities typically include setting up a financial analysis and reporting framework, as well as budgetary and forecasting processes to understand historical and future financial health of a company. Businesses of all sizes and industries have been implementing such processes in the past two decades, and our highly skilled staff is here to help further promote these exceptional financial practices.

Small Businesses

Small businesses face specific challenges that often differ from firms of a larger size. Our services are tailored to such needs, and are compatible with all industries. Whether you are focusing on setting up budgeting processes, cost optimization, demand analysis or cash forecasting, our FP&A processes will give you the information you need for your decision-making.

Mid-Size Companies

Are you looking to implement FP&A processes in order to accelerate or sustain your company's growth? We got you covered. Our services are tailored to any situation, while ensuring industry standards. Revenue modeling, cost budgeting, governance and capacity planning are examples of the benefits that FP&A must seamlessly deliver on a recurring basis.

Why Augment Finances?

Augment Finances brings more than 30 years of progressive Financial Planning & Analysis experience. We tailor our models to your business and work directly with your leadership team to build the assumptions that will be used in the budgets, forecasts, and analyses. We listen and provide feedback to ensure we build a plan and a reporting package that is realistic, transparent, measurable, and dynamic.

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Our Services and Solutions

Build & Transform

Build & Transform (B&T) is the first engagement we have with our customers. In this stage, we implement all industry-standard FP&A processes & reporting, and complete the first budget. In other words, B&T creates the critical foundation for the ongoing relationship with our customers.

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Once FP&A processes are established, we shift to a recurring relationship with our customers. We deliver a full-service quarterly forecast, as well the annual budget for the next fiscal year. This process ensures that FP&A deliverables are shared in a timely manner, and all engaged parties are involved in the process.

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About Augment Finances

Our company is passionate about FP&A and the benefits it provides. We believe these practices are becoming a must for any company, and we are here to help!

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FP&A Journal

Do you also like FP&A? Great! In this section we publish short articles concerning FP&A best practices and concepts.

Everyday FP&A

Many folks may not be familiar with what FP&A is and how it changes everyday life in a business. So what is FP&A? This will be the topic of our FP&A Journal today. Briefly, Financial Read more…

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