Augment Finances LLC, a Colorado limited liability company, was originally founded by two friends who spent their entire professional life in various roles within Finance. The founders and associates of Augment Finances possess a unique combination of FP&A skills, including the following:

  • Corporate FP&A and Consolidation (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Corporate Reporting)
  • Go-to-market FP&A (Bookings and Revenue, Commissions and Quotas)
  • COGS and OPEX FP&A(Gross Margin, EBITDA, Net Income)
  • Pricing
  • FP&A System Implementation
  • Advanced modeling and statistical analysis
  • Scenario and what-if analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulations

Augment Finances brings more than 30 years of progressive Financial Planning & Analysis experience. The folks at Augment Finances have worked with Finance and FP&A in a variety of different companies, both big and small, public and private. They are familiar with how FP&A differs by company size, what challenges smaller companies face, and the industry standards mastered by large public corporations.

While there is a high variety of FP&A consultants helping companies of larger sizes, there has always been less focus on small and medium firms. Augment Finances aims at addressing this inconsistency and expanding FP&A practices to companies of all sizes and industries.

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