Let’s talk about the two main solutions we offer at Augment Finances. First, we will discuss Build & Transform, our foundational service, and then we will address Manage, our recurring service.

Build & Transform

Build & Transform (B&T) is the first engagement we have with our customers. In this stage, we implement all industry-standard FP&A processes & reporting, and complete the first budget. As mentioned before, B&T creates the critical foundation for the ongoing relationship with our customers.

During this process, we also present the first deliverables to our customers’ management, as well as main budget owners. This activity often includes coaching and education for involved leaders, so that they understand and are comfortable with the newly established financial processes in their companies.

In addition to the first budget, the main benefits our customers receive during B&T are:

  • Expense Accountability
  • Financial Health Check
  • Financial Health Forecast
  • Resource Allocation Management
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Revenue and Profitability Modeling
  • Enterprise Value Assessment
  • Revenue Stream Assessment and Modeling
  • Enablement of Revenue and Profitability KPIs
  • Capacity Planning


Once FP&A processes are established, we shift to a recurring relationship with our customers. We deliver a full-service quarterly forecast, as well an annual budget for the next fiscal year. This process ensures that FP&A deliverables are shared in a timely manner, and all engaged parties are involved in the process.

Quarterly forecasts are an updated view of our customers’ year-end financial situation & trending when the most recent revenue and expense information is taken into consideration. This will ensure all variances against budget are frequently analyzed, communicated and ultimately addressed by our customers, if necessary. The ability to act and understand updated financial trending throughout the year is a critical role of FP&A.

Once we approach the end of the fiscal year, we start working on the next year’s budget. We profoundly analyze demand trending as well as the composition of expenses, and together with the customers’ budget owners and leadership we establish the next year’s financial plan.